Shopping-Living in the world.... Eating ITALIAN!!!

Living in the world.... Eating ITALIAN!!!

Food and Beverage

ITD Italian Trade and development created a new Brand by which the company want to export and promote the best Italian Food through a correct way to cook and eat only the products “ITALIAN QUALITY APPROVED”. We propose a marketing service with both the traditional system of direct sales in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East through sales networks on site, either through an e-commerce platform, subject to market analysis aimed at verifying the potential of companies

Direct to:

  •  Producers of high quality niche products 
  • Producers of products in large scale (GDO)

Our buyers:
- 5-stars hotels
- High quality Restaurants
- Social clubs (sporting, yachting, etc.)
- Airlines E. Cruise lines F. Excellence catering
- Supermarket class "A"
- Supermarket chains and distributors / local traders (for large scale products)