Evo & Vinegar-Living in the world.... Eating ITALIAN!!!

Living in the world.... Eating ITALIAN!!!

Who we Are


ITD Italian Trade and Development is a leading international business development and marketing consulting firm that specialize in helping enterprises, create sustainable growth through successful expansion into international markets. We assist companies in the United Arab Emirates and abroad in entering or expanding into markets throughout Middle East, GCC and MENA Region. We offer a range of global business solutions to help companies to succeed in international markets including, new product and business development, market research, feasibility studies, market analysis and selection, market entry strategy, international lead generation and partner search, brand development, overseas marketing and promotion, public relations, product launch and trade show support services. ITD Italian Trade and Development is present and has already developed business in the following areas:
AMERICA: Brazil.
AFRICA: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia.
ASIA: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Romania, Russia.
  EUROPE: England, Italy, Albania, Latvia, Malta

Our "credo":

We believe that success depend on the design and implementation of proper corporate structure. This allows the company to consolidate its results through effective management using quick solutions to everyday problems of management, reporting and so on. Our Credo is more than just a moral compass- we believe its a recipe for business success. Our aim is to help make the world a better place, but we also care how we do this. From the beginning of our story, we have been guided by the belief of doing

the right thing, making sure our actions are legal, ethical, moral and just. We will ensure all contact between people is based on trust and absolute integrity and this will be of benefit to all parties. We expect and require all associations and external partners to be organized by a similar ethos. We will need knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and teamwork to succeed. We will seek to recruit and partner with the best. Remuneration will be fair. Loyalty and performance will be rewarded. We must recognize our peoples merits and provide them with adequate opportunities to advance their knowledge, roles and positions. The work environment will safe, clean and attractive. We accept that our peoples religious beliefs, family responsibilities and personal wellbeing are the most important and we will at all times help our partners fulfill and prioritize their private duties. We will ensure competent and fair leaders run our works.